Over Six Million Styles

You Can’t Deny It!


We are nationalists.

Fash Emporium is a subsidiary of PossumTech Laboratories, LLC, a real business. It is financially and operationally independent from any specific political project. That being said, the folks who coded the site, embroidered the products, and packed them into boxes are all trusted and respected nationalists who can be trusted with your shipping information, your payments, and the timely delivery of quality nationalist merchandise.

We only accept Bitcoin.

It’s less complicated than you think. Forget about all the technology issues and just think of it as an extra step you have to take before purchasing stuff here. It may be a pain, but it’s worth the trouble because it helps anonymize your transaction with us. It also allows us to remain in business, given that the major (((credit card processors))) have all blackballed us. There is no third-party payment processor.

We’re censorship-resistant.

Our shop currently exists at both www.FashEmporium.com and fashfgbb7jruubb3.onion.

With the backup “onion link,” you can carry on shopping even if the masters of the Corporate Internet decide to “Shut it down.”

We don’t endorse everything here.

Some of this stuff is for novelty or amusement. Some of this stuff is mere historical curiosity. Some of this stuff we actually stand for and believe in. If you find anything on this website offensive, please follow this link to the contact form reserved for expressing your concerns about the audacity and/or insensitivity of our product selection.